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Annual Fire Safety Statements

Under Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulations (2000), fire fighting equipment must be checked and audited annually, and you must possess appropriate fire safety certificates (your personal residence is exempt). Both the inspections and certification must be done by an authorised person, which our staff are obviously qualified for.

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Appliance Test and Tag

Fires caused by electrical faults are as preventable as they are common. Beat this sinister threat by having your appliances and power leads inspected by an expert from Fire Extinguishers Australia.

Your appliances and leads will be checked visually and electrically to detect any unseen circuit or earthing problems. Examination outcomes are then logged for record keeping as required by statutory governance.

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Buy or Rent?

Should you buy or rent your fire fighting equipment? While no price should be placed on saving a human life, and even property can be incredibly precious, cost is a real factor in the decisions we make. Equipping your home or business with fire fighting equipment will not mean taking out a bank loan. When it comes to the money question, with Fire Extinguishers Australia, you need not be stressed. The boss has declared, "We won't be beaten on quality or service!" You can bank on that!

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Emergency Systems

Fire Extinguishers Australia can provide qualified support for all your emergency systems and procedures. From the display and lighting of safe evacuation routes, to the knowledge of evacuation staging points and procedures, many items that should be considered and practiced. We'll help you get that all important planning right.

Under our guidance, your staff will be guided towards safe practices using the R.A.C.E system:

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Evacuation Systems

There are few more terrifying scenarios than trying to escape from a building that is fiercely alight. It is not like in the movies! Fire moves with terrifying speed and unpredictability. The smoke and fumes combine, to blind, choke and radically inhibit your senses. It is a life and death race against time, disorientation and confusion!

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Refill and Service

There is nothing more important than keeping your fire fighting equipment in tip-top condition. Your life could depend on it!

Can you imagine, after having made the wise investment of equipping your home, office or factory with extinguishers, you find they fail you at the explosive moment they are needed? Disaster!!! Your equipment must be regularly checked and serviced!

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Scheduled Inspections

Under Australian Standards (AS1851), all of your extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment must be inspected for operational readiness every six months. Such timely examination is strict government decree. Ignoring that statutory requirement can lead to heavy fines, insurance complications, as well as endanger lives.

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Scheduled Maintenance

It's part of our service. We'll check and maintain all your fire fighting equipment, on site, quickly, efficiently and in a way that does not impact negatively on your operations. We ensure your extinguishers and other appliances are ready for action. A unit that has become tarnished, for example, may not work, its instructions may be unreadable, and it may reflect poorly on the business.

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