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Scheduled Inspections

Under Australian Standards (AS1851), all of your extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment must be inspected for operational readiness every six months. Such timely examination is strict government decree. Ignoring that statutory requirement can lead to heavy fines, insurance complications, as well as endanger lives.

This includes smoke detectors, extinguishers, alarms, sensors, hydrants, fire doors and emergency lighting. A less than comprehensive inspection is worse than useless: it might give you a confidence you simply should not have.

The safety buffer of your fire doors are equally important. Their fire resistance levels, and particularly their seals, need inspection to ensure that critical protection remains. The strength of the surrounding wall, the door itself, as well as the fire resistance of the door's internal packing, are all given vital consideration.

As a Fire Extinguishers Australia customer you can steadfastly rely on our data system to ensure that your scheduled inspections happen when they are supposed to. You won't even have to think about it. We'll organise the lot!

Call 1300 EXTINGUISH to put you and your company on the right side of the law. We'll have you scheduled for maintenance and keep you up to date with total reliance.


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